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Media Statement – Licencing of self-generation facilities above 1MW

Media statement – Public hearings on the three Eskom RCAs the supplementary application and implementation plan for the liquidation of the 2018-19 RCA balance.

Media statement – NERSA granted leave to appeal against the High Court of South Africa (Gauteng Division) judgement of 28 July 2020.

Media statement – Reason for Decision on Concurrence with Section 34 Determination.

Media statement – NERSA to appeal against the High Court of South Africa judgement of 28 July 2020

Media Statement – Judgement of the High Court of South Africa delivered 28 July 2020.

Media statement – NERSA’s response to media article titled “Consumers to pay for NERSAs R100 billion mistake”

Media Statement – NERSA’s decision on Eskom’s Regulatory Clearing Account (RCA) application for the 2018/19 financial year.

Media Statement – Impact of lockdown on NERSA operations.

Media statement – Appointment of Full-Time Regulator Member for Electricity Regulation.

Media statement – NERSA takes precautionary measures for COVID-19 to assist in combatting the Coronavirus pandemic.

Media statement – High Court of South Africa dismissed the application for urgent relief by Eskom.

Media statement – NERSA public hearing on Eskom’s Revenue applications for 2018-19 in Northern Cape cancelled.

Media Statement – Public hearing on Eskom’s Regulatory Clearing Account applications for the 2018 – 19 financial year

Media Statement – NERSA Timelines for processing Eskom 2018-19 Regulatory Clearing Account Application.

Media statement – NERSA registers biogas production activities in rural areas.

Media Statement – Eskom’s decision to take the Energy Regulator’s MYPD4 decision on review.

Media Statement – Energy Regulator’s decision on City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality tariff for the 2019-20 period.

Media Statement – NERSA confirms receipt of letter from the Minister of Energy on deviation from the IRP 2010-2030.

Media Statement – NERSA’s response to Mayor Herman Mashaba ‘s statement.

Media statement  –  Energy Regulator’s decision on Transnet’s Petroleum Pipelines System for the 2019/20 tariff period 

edia statement – NERSA decision on Eskom’s Regulatory Clearing Account (RCA) application for year 5 (2017/18) of the third Multi-Year Price Determination (MYPD3) period and Eskom’s MYPD4 application for a duration of three years, from 2019/20 to 2021/22 

Media statement – NERSA public hearings on Eskom’s revenue applications in Northern Cape and Limpopo cancelled

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